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New Name & Website (KaylaMcKinneyCountry)

Love and admiration can't even describe how Kayla McKinney feels for her brother musicians in her band, Twisted Trail. But after years of singing out as Twisted Trail Band, she has bravely decided to step out and chase her dreams as artist Kayla McKinney. It was a hard decision for her to make, filled with guilt and self-doubt; her fellow musicians had been with her for years, and she desperately wanted to avoid hurting their feelings for the sake of her dreams.

However, after a long talk, McKinney was thrilled to find each member of her band was on board to help her achieve her dreams as Country Artist Kayla McKinney. "I couldn't be more blessed to have Abbott, Will, Randy, TJ, and Dave helping to make my dreams come true," McKinney said, "thank you for always supporting me; without you, I couldn't even start to reach for the stars."

The decision to start focusing on Kayla’s dreams has given birth to her new brand. Now fans can find her latest music, Kayla Country Gear, news, and free downloads at They can also keep up with McKinney on her new social media tag of @KaylaMcKinneyCountry.

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