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McKinney Nominated For Single of the Year

Years of hard work and dedication deserve praise, and Kayla McKinney has earned it with her nomination for Country Female Single of the Year at the 8th Annual Josie Awards in Nashville.

The annual gala at the Grand Ol’ Opry honors independent artists like McKinney, who are on their way to becoming the next national star. But, unlike what many fans are led to believe, the road to becoming the next “overnight success story” is usually a ten-year journey filled with sacrifice and dedication.

The nomination has been an enormous honor for McKinney who said, “Well, I just have to say that I’m not sure who the kind folks are that nominated me for Single of the Year for “Don’t Know Jack,” but I am so grateful to be one the chosen out of 52,000 independent artist nominations! Looks like I’m gonna be finding me a dress!”

Other artists nominated for Female Single of the Year include;

Ashley Bryant – Champagne

Larissa Lundstrom – I Don’t Need A Man

Robbie Harte – Outside My Window

Lia Caton – Hell or High Water

Pamela Hopkins – One Too Many

Sam Roark - Whiskey

Lee Newton – Be The Man

Stephanie Rabus – I Know Where Love Lives

Mary Clare – Mom & Dad

Amie Scheitel – Small Town Dust

Ryleigh Madison – Stranger

Elaini Arthur – Every Moment

Dani Carson – Pay My Bills

Kayla McKinney – Don’t Know Jack

Fans who wish to attend the Awards and the JMA Music Festival the day before can purchase tickets at the links below.

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