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McKinney Helps To Stop The Pain

The sad truth is that over a million people a year attempt to take their own lives in America*; that would be as if the entire population of Asheville, North Carolina had attempted suicide. Meanwhile, fifty thousand of those attempts were sadly successful according to the CDC. This is why Kayla McKinney volunteered her time on October 16th to perform at the Stop The Pain Benefit Concert at the Asheville Outlets produced by fellow Asheville Country Artist Jody Medford.

Medford began the concert series featuring local and national Country Stars after suffering the loss of his own mother to suicide. Since then Medford and his Stop The Pain Charity have raised thousands of dollars to help Western North Carolina families cover the costs of losing their loved ones to suicide.

“Thank God, I have never experienced the pain that Jody and the families that he has helped over the years have, but I wanted to help my neighbors and friends who have. I can only imagine the pain they have suffered. I will forever be praying for them…” McKinney commented after performing.

McKinney joined other acts such as Sons of Ralph, Jody Medford, and Lonestar frontman Richie McDonald. Meanwhile, Eddie Foxx from WKSF-FM 99.9 Kiss Country co-hosted the show with Medford to raise thousands of dollars by raffling off autographed country memorabilia plus soliciting donations through out the year from the show’s generous sponsors.

Learn more of how to understand and over come depression at BOCA.

*Stats according to the CDC.

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