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Kayla Honors Those Who Came Before

Rising Country Star Kayla McKinney has just broken the horizon of the Country Music Evening Sky and is on her way to shining brightly. Even with her own powerful and touching songs in her quiver, she still understands the importance of those that have come before her in Music City.

To pay tribute to the artists who influenced her and paved the way for new voices in Country Music, McKinney has launched her Twisted Acoustic Sessions on Youtube to cover the songs that she loved singing along with in her youth. Her new sessions have a trifecta goal that includes entertaining you with her version of the songs, showing appreciation to the Country Stars who first sang the lyrics, and finally influencing other young women to pursue their dreams in music.

McKinney said in reference, "I pray my songs one-day influence another young female voice to bear down against the naysayers and prove they deserve a place high in the night Nashville sky too…”

For our first Twisted Acoustic Session, I am honored to cover my hero Shania Twain's 'No One Needs To Know'; a song that I would sing along with at the top of my lungs while riding in my Mama's car, driving her nuts."

A new Twisted Acoustic Session will be released each Monday at 6pm EST onYouTube.

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